Project Description

Winter is here and it’s wreaking havoc on your hair.

The cold air causes hair cuticles to shift, making hair more likely to lose moisture. Once indoors, circumstances aren’t much better as heaters produce dry air that can also be damaging. 

And let’s not forget about all the knots that form when we are outside with our hair blowing around. Getting those out can result in substantial breakage. 

While using any of our EMERA Nourishing CBD products at home can help, the best advice is going to come from the professionals. You’ll learn the best routine for you and practices that will prevent winter damage in the future.

Professional Hair Treatments to Reduce Winter Damage

By visiting the salon, you can ask an experienced stylist to examine any damage and determine the best treatment for your hair. They will know the best products to use to protect your hair from stressors, keep hair moisturized, and strengthen hair to minimize breakage. These are some of the most common solutions you can expect.

Hair Cuts:

There are many treatments that are recommended for split end repair, but nothing gets rid of split ends like a good haircut. Visit your salon during the winter months for a haircut that will promote healthy growth and keep hair looking its best.

Deep Conditioning:

Deep conditioning can strengthen, detangle and moisturize hair and reduce the likelihood of split ends occurring. A salon haircare professional will work to massage conditioners into your hair to push the essential nutrients and vitamins, like those found in CBD-infused products, further into follicles to restore moisture.

Scalp Massage:

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. That’s why scalp care is essential during the wintertime. While using CBD products can improve hair health, nothing beats a professional scalp massage. A scalp massage relaxes the hair follicles improving blood circulation to the hair roots. This helps hair roots to become nourished which triggers hair growth.  Many salons have adopted our EMERASSAGE™  technique that uses EMERA Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy to optimize the benefits of a scalp massage. Be sure to check with your salon and find out if they offer the EMERASSAGE™ treatment.

Maintenance between salon visits is also key to protecting your hair from environmental stressors. Don’t forget to pick up a few of our CBD hair care products during your salon visit so you have the opportunity to use the same products at home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what’s best for you.

Look for products that are rich in nutrients.
Ingredients like Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Cannabidiol contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that provide powerful moisturizing benefits. Even just pairing a CBD Shampoo and Conditioner can help improve hair health with continual use. Also using the Nourishing CBD Serum after a wash can help fight frizz and make hair more manageable.

Be mindful of the CBD content.
It’s a popular ingredient, and a lot of companies are trying to advantage on the trend. As the first professional haircare brand infused with CBD, we’ve found 50mg of CBD per package to be a magic number that enhances the nourishing benefits at the best value.

Winter doesn’t have to mean dull.
Just because the days are dull and dreary, it doesn’t mean your hair needs suffer too. A weekly reparative masque treatment can revitalize the hair while locking in moisture and prolonging color. Paired with the Nourishing CBD Detangler Plus that helps boost color retention and add volume, your hair is sure to look more shiny and vibrant than before.

Winter is harsh on hair but, fortunately, there are several CBD haircare products and professional hair treatments and techniques that reverse its damaging effects. Which will you be using to keep your hair looking its best?