Emera Blowout

Get Shiny, Voluminous-looking Hair

1. Dampen hair and scalp with warm water.
2. Using about a dime sized amount, evenly massage Emera CBD Scalp Therapy into scalp for about 5 minutes, pulling it through from scalp to ends of hair.
3. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water.
4. Follow with Emera CBD Shampoo and Conditioner as per usual.
5. Rinse out, and squeeze out excess water.
6. Section hair off into 3-4 evenly sized strands.
7. Spray Emera CBD Detangler Plus into the first strand of hair – pinning up the rest.
8. Repeat on each remaining strand.
9. Then rub Emera CBD Serum through hands, and work through each strand of hair.
9. Blow dry each section of hair, using a round brush, until all sections are fully dry.

Emera Blowout Techniques

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