I was doing a haircut on one of my thinning hair clients talking to her about one of the side effects of EMERA being hair growth. She bought the shampoo, conditioner and the scalp therapy. She said “We cant live without this!” They were leaving to go up north for 9 months. She ordered 3 8oz Scalp Therapy, 2 25oz Shampoo, & 2 25oz Conditioners! Total Retail Sale $470!

Jen, The Next Jeneration (North Port, FL)

I took on EMERA Hair-care because of the amazing results I have had with the CBD Daily Cream. I personally saw a difference in my hair, but the most amazing results were from a client I sent home with the Shampoo & Conditioner.

Laura, Studio 914 (Naples, FL)

I tried Nioxin, Rogaine, Bosley and nothing helped my thinning hair. Thank you EMERA! My hair is growing, my scalp is healthy and no more hair powder needed to cover my scalp! EMERA has truly changed my life!

Julia, The Next Jeneration (North Port, FL)

EMERA sells itself! When shampooing we hear “I love that smell” and the Scalp Treatments “tingle” and “wow” from the Detangler Plus because of the great slip when combing out. I have a weekly client with a bad scalp. She gets a scalp treatment each week with 2 shampoos. Her scalp no longer itched after 2 weeks

Ann, Ann’s Hair (Venice, CA)

I received a couple of samples of Emera Hair products and I absolutely love them!! I have very thick coarse hair and these products make my hair silky smooth. Love the tingle from the scalp therapy. Nourishing serum takes ALL the frizzies away.

Yvonne McNamara Bucciarell

When I was first introduced to EMERA I was a little apprehensive and didn’t think I ha a target market for it. After using it on everyone, including myself, I saw incredible results in a short period of time. My sales soared, customers were ecstatic. I sold out and couldn’t get the product in soon enough. Thanks for introducing me to it!

Lisa, Phenix Salon Suites (Naples, FL)

One of my passions is working with Medical Hair loss clients. The majority of my clients are without hair but they still need to maintain a healthy scalp while going through chemo treatments. Since I was introduced to Emera my chemo clients are buying the shampoo and conditioner before they lose their hair. The results were beyond my expectations. Typically they come in and either scalp is dry, cracked and bleeding from the treatments. When they use Emera ther scalps are soft, moist and very healthy throughout their treatments. Emera does not have the chemicals that cause issues like most shampoos./ It delivers a rich blend of ingredients that improve scalp conditions such as psoriasis, itchy scalp, dermatitis and dandruff. It also maintains a healthy PH level on the scalp so when the hair grows back, it grows back stronger and healthier. Emera is the best product by far than any other product that I have used in the 41 years I have been in the industry!

Dodi, The New beginning by Dodi (Naples, FL)

Omg I won a sample of the EMERA hair products and used for the 1st time yesterday. The scalp massage was tingly and invigorating. After 5 minutes rinsed it our then used the Shampoo and Conditioner AMAZING!!!I usually have Mousse, blow my hair dry then use a paste to keep down the fly always as well as hairspray to top it it off. I so dislike all that product in my hair, it feels yucky and it also makes me hot. Well friends I’m here to say, I used the EMERA products on my hair blew it dry, used a pea size drop of the Serum and the shine and softness is just unbelievable!!

Audrie Marie

Hi! Oh my god I just wanted to say thank you so much to whoever created this brand!! I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp my whole life and my mom is a hair stylist and went on a trip to a hair competition and saw your brand that somebody was using and brought me the scalp therapy home! First 5 seconds using it I’ve never felt so good about a product, I’ve tried hundreds of products even products that are high end and nothing did the job like this! I’m on my second wash and I’m absolutely in love 😍 thank you so much!

Jacqueline Galdamez, @spicygirl8