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2018 was a great year for everything hair. From the rise of deluxe baby hairs to the sleek extravagance of super-lengthy ponytail extensions, 2018 is shaping up to be just as daring as the last year – if not more-so! Curious as to what you can expect to see booming to popularity in the coming months? Keep reading! You’re bound to end up with a few ideas for your next look.


Blunt Bobs are Back

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Blunt Bobs

To be fair, did they ever really leave? It seems like blunt bobs have become one of those classic, tried-and-true styles that keep their appeal even as other styles come and go.
This style has been made popular by tons of celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Karlie Kloss. Super short blunt bobs are set to become all the rage this year, preferable to the once-superior asymmetrical bob. Much of the popularity of the blunt bob lies in its ability to flatter almost every face shape! Whether oval, round, heart or diamond-shaped, you’re sure to be able to find a blunt bob style that suits you and makes your features pop.


Embracing the Grey

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Embrace the Grey


Gone are the days where women freaked out after finding a single grey hair growing out of their scalps, or in their hairbrush. Today, with the rise of self-love, body acceptance and age-inclusivity movements, more and more women are welcoming their gorgeous greys with open arms. 2019 is setting up to be the year of grey, and it won’t just be limited to those natural streaks!
That’s right – women and men are even dyeing their natural locks grey/silver to catch on. Natural-looking color jobs can make your mane the perfect shades of grey. It’s a bold move, but one that will most definitely be welcomed this year.


Accessorize, accessorize accessorize!

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Accessorize!

Remember those cute hair clips and bows of your childhood days? Well, they’re back, but they’re even better. This year, playful adult accessories are where it’s at.
The music and art scenes have always encouraged a certain level of individuality and quirkiness when it comes to how one dresses, and with the popularization of goth, indie and urban culture, this year is set to follow suit.
Rapper Rico Nasty’s statement hair gems and clips have caught on like wildfire, while artistes like Dounia have been seen rocking fluffy hair ties and bejeweled hair clips confidently.


Do-it-yourself Color Jobs

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Do it yourself color

Once upon a time, it was seen as somewhat of a cardinal sin to attempt to dye your hair on your own. Stylists swore against it, so you went to the salon to get your colours done rather than even dare to do it yourself. Now, however, we’ve become so much more hands-on and DIY-oriented that more and more women are all about doing it themselves in 2019. With YouTube and Pinterest at the ready, it seems so much wiser to do our own hair this year. Saving money and time in 2019? We’re definitely here for it!


Topknots Re-imagined?

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Top Knots


Topknots used to be that style you’d throw your hair up into when you either were pressed for time, were preparing to put in serious work at the gym, or hadn’t slept in two days. Then all of a sudden, we began to see topknots in magazines, on red carpets, on commercials, and even on runways!
Whether glamorous and sleek or cute and messy, 2019 is the year of the modern topknot. Able to be worn in virtually any setting and still turn heads, it’s amazing to see just what the style has become. Who knows what the year has in store for the topknot?



Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Volume


2019 is the year of big, BIG hair. Super voluminous manes of every hair type are finally about to get their chance to shine. Straight hair? Amp it up with extensions to follow the trend! And there’s even better news for curly, coily and kinky hair, as the days of texture discrimination are almost at an end. Lots of diffusing and picking will give you the lions mane you desire, and you’ll finally be able to rock your natural texture in the way you’ve always wanted!
Armed with the many volumising shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays on the market today, your 2019 is shaping up to be absolutely stunning.


Extra Long Braids

Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 | Long Braids

There’s really no room for inhibitions when it comes to this year’s upcoming trends! Extravagance seems to be the general consensus.
Black women adored the super-long braid trend in 2018, and they don’t seem ready to give it up anytime soon. The hip-length trend is great for Senegalese twists, Marley twists, and of course, box braids. Whether you go bold with your color or stick to basic black, this trend is stunning either way.


CBD Haircare – Why CBD for my hair?

‘CBD…that’s weed, right?…’

Well, not exactly. CBD may be one of the main components of marijuana, but apart from this, CBD oil made from hemp actually boasts amazing benefits when it comes to haircare, and the world is beginning to catch on! You can be sure that a good percentage of Hair Trends to Expect From 2019 will be powered by CBD, as research now coming out shows the benefits of incorporating it into your routine.

First, there’s the fact that CBD oil contains all 21 known amino acids, supplying hair with needed protein for strength and resilience. Hair breaks less, looks fuller and barely sheds. There’s also its antioxidant capabilities, which help to fight free radicals. Its fatty acid components that help with shine and moisture. Dry scalp that doesn’t seem to go away? CBD oil’s regenerative properties have got you covered to keep your scalp soft and healthy.

Natural oils like these are set to bypass chemical treatments this year – with obvious reason, of course!

Every year brings new, exciting hair-related trends that change the way we embrace, take care of and style our hair. From lilac manes to do-it-yourself color jobs and CBD oil hair products, it’s safe to say that 2019 is the year that the comfort zone ceases to exist. Check out all our products here for any style that you choose!