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Are you looking for a new hair salon? Breaking up with your hair stylist or salon doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Some would tell you that you are about to open the door to new beginnings.
Let’s not minimize the risk you are about to take by daring to trust another stylist with your tresses. It is highly likely that you have built a long-lasting relationship with your hair stylist and the thought of leaving him or her feels as though you are about to betray that person in the worst way. Or perhaps this relationship is new, but you are still tussling with emotions that are akin to disloyalty because you have not given your current salon time to deliver on some big promises they made about their services and your hair.
You have the right to seek the services of a salon that can best meet you needs. After all, you are paying top dollar for one of your most fabulous accessories, and your hair deserves the best care.

How to Find your ideal Hairdresser

How to find a new Salon | Best hairdresser


In addition to Yelp, social media, and your local neighborhood, a recommendation from a trusted friend, family member, colleague, or even acquaintance, is a great way to search for your new hairdresser. Just make sure that the person giving the recommendation is someone whose hair you admire. Once you have narrowed down your option, finding your new hairdresser will require you to do a bit of soul-searching. Ask yourself what it is you need to feel happy and secure with your hair? How far are you comfortable driving? What days/hours are they open, that best suit your lifestyle? How much are you willing to pay for a hairstyle that will complement the quintessential you? What other factors are important to you in the choice of your hairdresser?

Be Willing to Pay for Premium Services

Do not sacrifice your hair for the best deal but do not overpay for services either. Do the research and determine if your new salon can meet your needs.

Get a Hair Consultation

Before you allow a hair stylist at your new salon to touch a strand of hair on your head, talk with him or her to get a sense of their skill set and how well the two of you communicate. This conversation means that you may have to broaden your haircare vocabulary as well to ensure you are speaking the same language. By all means, be honest with them about what you liked, and more importantly didn’t like, about your last hairdresser.

Choose A Hairstyle

After you select your new hairdresser, it’s time to settle on your hairstyle of choice. If you hope to maintain your current style, hair color, and cut, be very specific in sharing this detail with your new hairdresser.
If planning to rock a new hairdo, bring pictures and be clear what it is you like about the style. While your new stylist may end up being your miracle worker, chances are they aren’t a mind reader. Be very clear about your desires to have a particular style, cut or color, or all of the above. And, make sure they are listening and receptive to delivering what you want.

Build Trust with Your New Hairdresser

Once you find your stylist, take it slow. Build trust with your new hairdresser. Stay away from immediate sweeping changes like a big chop or hair color change. Use those first few appointments to gain a sense of their abilities and the results they deliver for your hair – as well as your rapport with them.

Finding a New salon – You Have Options

There you have it! Breaking up doesn’t have to be difficult. Take the time to find the best hairstylist that will meet your needs. After all, a good hairdresser can become your must trusted friend and confidant, and their salon can be your home away from home. Need more help? Check  out this article of the 100 highest rated salons in America by Elle.