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We understand how frustrating it can be to leave the salon dissatisfied with your hair, so here are our suggestions on how to get the hair cut, style, and/or color you want at your next appointment.

Visual aids

Speak to your stylist about the results you want | Using Visual Aids

Picture references are a great way to provide a visual framework of what you want. Most hairstylists are visual people so they will respond well to this. Providing a picture can also help your stylist to determine whether that particular style is suitable for your individual hair type and texture.

Honest communication

Speak to your stylist about the results you want | Honest Communication

Be honest with your stylist. Meaning, if you sat in the chair during your appointment and you can visually see that your style is not going the way that you want, it’s important that you clearly communicate this with your stylist. Additionally,  it’s not something to feel bad about – a good hairstylist is committed to helping you achieve your vision and is happy to go the extra mile to ensure that. In fact, without good results, you’re not likely to become a loyal client, so providing constructive feedback is actually a great service to your hairstylist and you!

Be clear in your request!

The world of hairdressing has its own language and as a consumer it’s easy to get confused with the lingo used. After describing what you want, make sure you ask your hairstylist to clarify her interpretation of what that means.  For example, have you ever told your hairstylist you wanted your hair to be cut to medium length, only to find it cut much shorter than you expected?  Define what medium length means to you – is it shoulder-length, or even longer?  Better yet, how many inches of hair do you want cut off?  If you’re looking to add blonde highlights, do you want them all over, or to just frame your face? 

There are so many specifics your hairdresser should be asking you about, but don’t assume – make sure you are clear that your hairdresser knows the results you want. The more specific you are, the greater the chance he or she will get it right!  And, afterwards, if you like your hairstyle (cut, color, or whatever), take a picture so you can refer to it later if you want to repeat those results.


The hair salon should be your haven, and you deserve great hair results!

Speak to your stylist about the results you want | Happy Client


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