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Dreaming of sleek, shiny, utterly smooth hair? It’s not as unattainable as you think. Hairdressers can famously turn any type of hair into smooth and sleek, but when you’re at home trying to get ready for a special event or just want your hair smooth and shiny, these tips will help you get photo-shoot fabulous!

1. Take care of your hair

Smooth Silky Hair | Emera Hair Care Blog

If you weren’t born with super-straight and shiny hair, you probably do a lot to get the look. Yes, flat irons rule, but you’ve got to take good care of your hair to protect it from the damage it can do. Try to adjust the heat setting on your flat iron so it doesn’t scorch your hair. And don’t forget to spray a heat protectant, such as EMERA Nourishing CBD Detangler Plus, on it before blasting it with your hair dryer.


2. Stop using elastic bands

All the hairdressers out there reading this are nodding their heads in absolute agreement. No more elastics! Even when they say “ouchless” or claim they won’t tear your hair, they still do. Want to keep your hair off your face? Use clips instead. Elastic bands can also make chemical cut more pronounced.


3. Go for quality products

Invest in your hair and you’ll be pleased with the results. It’s time to stop grabbing the cheap stuff from the shelves and start actually reading what’s inside your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. You should never buy anything with sulfates in it. Go for natural ingredients and stay away from chemicals. Products that are 100% vegan are among the best there are to nourish smooth, sleek hair. Check out our entire line of EMERA products with no sulfates, parabens, synthetics. Period.


4. Let your conditioner nourish


One big mistake many women make is that they rush through their haircare routine, particularly with conditioner. Choose a quality conditioner and let it sit, particularly at the ends of your hair. Use it very sparingly near your roots. Pulling on a shower cap while your conditioner penetrates deep into the hair is even better.


5. Fight away frizz

A fantastic way to keep the frizz at bay is to use something specifically formulated for that purpose. EMERA CBD Haircare uses the power of CBD oil in their Nourishing CBD Serum. This hemp CBD product is a great natural hair care solution to defrizz and add smooth, sleek shine to your hair when styling it. CBD oil is rich in nutrients which not only help your hair look more beautiful, but they also help nourish it with each use too.


6. Make it last

Of course, if you don’t want to invest the time in creating a smooth, sleek hair look every day, you can always consult your stylist on professional semi-permanent treatments. Be sure to ask about the advantages as well as the risks to your hair’s health by having these treatments done to keep your hair smooth, sleek and straight for longer.

Whether you choose to do it yourself daily, or get help from a hair care professional at your favorite salon, make sure you put your hair’s health first. EMERA CBD products for your hair are natural hair care solutions to promote 100% vegan hair health every day.