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Although faced with massive criticism and endless condemnation from some people both domestic, and international. CBD and cannabis based products have continued to ease their way into our lives and consequently garner approval and acceptability thanks to the intense research that scientists have put into this miraculous plant.

It is not until recently that scientists and researchers have been able dispel the myth that there are extracts of cannabis which are non-psychoactive. Moreover, they instead carry immense health benefits, altering the perpetual perception associated with this plant and building acceptability around it. As a matter of fact many people believe today, that the reason CBD is still taboo, and was up until December 20th of 2018, illegal in some states in the United States, was due to a rampant and effective anti-smear campaign perpetrated by Henry J. Anslinger, and William Randolph Hearst, in the early 20’s and into the 30’s.

If you haven’t been hooked yet and do not already own several bottles of hemp or CBD hair care products, then you probably have seen commercials and advertisements all over the media for these products. If you are looking for the facts that will help you make that decision to err on the CBD products based side, the biggest dilemma looming is most likely the question of how you will access the benefits without involving yourself with the part of the plant that is associated with the ‘high’.

This article is dedicated to towards helping you separate the chaff from the wheat, and reveal some hard facts you probably didn’t know that will help you make a better choice that will better your life moving forward.


First, a little history…


It is important to note that although we are specifically talking about CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) here, these are just some of the many extracts from the cannabis plant. According to information published here on Wikipedia regarding CBD, these two are just part of the more than 113 derivatives from the cannabis plant. In simple layman’s language, CBD is the extract from the plant which has health benefits which doesn’t get you ‘high’. In more scientific language it is a phytocannabinoid. THC on the other hand is the extract from the same plant which gives you the high and gets you intoxicated, and is the most widely used on a freelance non-processed state.

It is a tetrahydrocannabinol which is responsible for the psychoactive effects and is the most active component in the plant. If you are juggling with the idea of trying CBD based hair products but are wary of the presence of cannabis in the products, one of the things you should note is that the CBD extract from cannabis has zero psychoactive effects unlike THC. This is actually the reason why CBD based hair products are legal and accepted in all the 50 states! Hair products are made from CBD, and this means that you are not at all going to interact with the potentially rousing effects of the latter extract. All CBD based hair products are 100% safe and totally exempt from the THC extracts, and are thus ‘safe’ for you.


Legal implications and regulations of use


Although this is a topic of much controversy across the world, it is important to note that all CBD products contain 0.00% THC and are legal in all the 50 states in the US. Note that THC is illegal in most countries of the world and is highly regulated in the US with only a few states allowing its full use. Cannabis and its products has remained a topic of controversy over many years considering most people look at any cannabis based derivatives with suspicion and much caution due to its known intoxicating effects. Although cannabis (and THC)  is 100% legal in several states in the US, including the use of THC in any form, some states only legally allow products with only tiny percentages of below 0.03%.


Difference in Uses of CBD and THC

Pictured here a marijuana plant

Pictured: Hemp plant that can be used for textiles, and extracting CBD.









Although CBD and THC are closely related, they have totally different uses. THC is inclined towards being more of a recreational and medicinal product while CBD and its associated extracts and products lean towards the beauty industry. Although these two are closely related and mostly confused, they are two very different forms of extracts from the hemp plant. Whilst CBD oil is extracted from mostly the leaves and the flowers of the cannabis plant, hemp oil on the other hand is derived entirely from the seeds. Hemp oil contains no cannabinoids. Hemp oil is excellent for hair and skin due to its high levels of vitamins and essential amino-acids. CBD oil has cannabinoids, and zero percentages of THC, legal in all US states and also helps a lot with the scalp, hair follicles and general hair health.


The takeaway


If you’ve been in doubt or at a crossroads, unable to tell which route to take with CBD, now you are better equipped to make that decision. It is no doubt that CBD based products are slowly making their way into our lives and taking over the beauty and health industry. The fact backing this up is that they are simple, effective, and provide natural solutions to age-old problems. CBD has been found to restore vitality, nourish the scalp, and provide essential vitamins to hair. It is not until recently that the health industry woke up to the news that they could actually reverse baldness using CBD and cannabis based products opening a whole new world of possibilities and realizations.

Thus, without any worry or fear, you can also get into trying CBD oil based products for your hair and skin to realize its amazing benefits! For more information on what ingredients we use in our 100% natural products, check out our shop page here.