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Having dry hair is a daily struggle that you need to battle with. While everyone gets ready in a flash, you’re stuck there, wondering how to fix all your dry hair flyaways and applying all the moisturizing products there are in your reach. Oh, and let’s not even talk about what the humidity does to dry hair! If you’re at the beach this summer, or just live somewhere with a temperate climate (Californians I’m looking at you),  get ready to combat dry and frizzy hair with these tips.

While having dry hair can be hard to live with, with the proper hair care tips and hair care for dry hair, you can get the flowy and silky hair you want. So, here are a few hair care tips for dry hair that will help your hair become smooth and silky:

Egg Whites Mask

Ways to combat dry and frizzy hair | Egg Whites

Apply raw egg whites on your hair once a week. Raw egg whites are rich in proteins and other nutrients that can aid in hair growth and moisturization. Unfortunately, all of the hair chemicals that we deal with on a frequent basis, including shampoos and other artificial hair care products, can eventually take a toll on the hair and make them dry. Natural egg whites restore the moisture of hair and make them silky and smooth. Egg whites have been around as hair care tips for dry hair since centuries now. No one can argue with the immense benefits of natural eggs on the hair. It’s a tried and tested hair care tip for dry hair that has been passed to the next generation for centuries.



Ways to combat dry and frizzy hair | CBD Oil


Apply CBD oil to your hair every other day, before going to sleep. This is an excellent hair care tip for dry hair that will do wonders to your hair and transform them from dull and dry to healthy and silky. CBD oil contains essential fatty acids that have the ability to retain moisture in your hair. The essential fatty acids make a coating around your hair, which prevents the moisture from escaping. Lately, a lot of CBD products have started making it to the market, and the only reason behind this success of CBD oil is its immense nutritional benefits. EMERA’s patented scalp therapy does wonders for your hair, and contains this miracle compound known as CBD. Tons of salons are now stocking products like EMERA Shampoo and Conditioner, and EMERA’s now world famous scalp therapy which has in some cases actually shown to stop hair loss and regrow hair! (See facebook group testimonials from actual users).


The facts about CBD Oil for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Not only does CBD oil contain essential fatty acids, but it also contains essential vitamins and minerals which promote healthy hair growth. The healthier your hair is, the more moisture it will retain.

CBD oil is all your hair needs to restore its shine from the heat and chemical damage that your hair has been through. Furthermore, applying CBD oil to your scalp is a great hair care tip, especially for the winter season. Your hair tends to get drier during the winter season, which is why CBD oil is especially more beneficial during this season. CBD oil also promotes blood circulation when massaged onto your scalp. This means that CBD oil stimulates your scalp to get more blood. The more blood your scalp receives, the more nutrients it receives and the healthier your hair becomes.


Ways to combat dry and frizzy hair | CBD Scalp Therapy


CBD oil has been the talk of the town lately, and it has shown promising results! There are no known side effects of using this oil on your hair owing to its nutritious content, so it’s completely safe for application on your hair. Another benefit of using CBD oil is that it gets readily absorbed into your scalp and won’t become sticky or create a mess on your scalp, unlike other heavy and greasy oils do!


Avoid Using Heating Tools to Style your Hair

Ways to combat dry and frizzy hair | Avoid head drying your hair


Heat, strips your hair of moisture. This is especially true for heating rods and flat iron straighteners. The temperature of those hot tools can get very high, and it can directly make the moisture from your hair evaporate. In fact, preventative hair care tips for dry hair are very important and should constitute a part of your daily hair care routine. In short, the less heat you use, the more moisturized your hair will be!


Air-Dry your Hair Instead of Blow-Drying

Ways to combat dry and frizzy hair | Air Dry your hair


The air produced by a blow dryer is not only hot, but it’s also very dry. This dry hair has the ability to strip away moisture from your hair. You might have noticed that curly hair is dried thoroughly before it’s straightened. The reason is that curls don’t come back again because of the hydrogen bonds that form between the water molecules in your hair. This is proof that after blow-drying, the water molecules and all the moisture of your hair vanish away to give dry and frizzy hair!

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the hair care tips for dry hair listed above and see for yourself how your hair transforms from dull and dry to healthy and shiny! CBD oil has amazing health benefits as well as other benefits owing to its nutritious content. Therefore, you should give it a try because it will not disappoint you!