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Ah, a scalp massage. Not only does it relieve stress and feel terrific, it creates a good environment for hair growth. A good scalp massage is also the secret to healthy hair! It promotes circulation to the hair follicles providing blood flow to the cells that make for healthier hair. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells on the scalp, and a flaky scalp can worsen hair loss in certain individuals.

To get the most out of a scalp massage, start by using a nutrient-rich, ultra-hydrating product you can work into your scalp. Products containing hempseed, coconut, avocado or tea tree oil are all good choices as they provide nutrients to the scalp and work to relieve dryness.

CBD-infused haircare products, such as EMERA CBD Haircare, are also great choices. CBD, the new “it” ingredient, is a compound of the cannabis plant derived from industrial hemp that natural boosts the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates critical body functions, including sebum production. It is regenerative for the scalp helping it maintain good blood circulation, and it’s ideal for treating dry or irritated hair follicles. It’s even been shown to help stimulate hair growth by restoring balance to the scalp, helping to promote healthy hair growth. As has often been stated, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.


Scalp Hair Care with CBD


Now that you know which products to choose for your scalp and hair health, it’s time to get your scalp massage. A scalp massage can be done by yourself or a partner at home, or, for a real treat, you can get one done professionally at a spa or salon. If your salon carries EMERA products, it is likely they will be familiar with EMERASASSAGE, a deeply relaxing scalp massage treatment. This techniques uses EMERA Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy, a scalp treatment rich in CBD, soothing chamomile and restorative Japanese Macha Green Tea.

In between salon visits for your EMERASSAGE scalp massage treatment, you can maintain those wonderfully restorative scalp benefits by massaging your scalp at home. As a result, these simple steps can be taken to make your scalp massage as effective as possible:


The secretes of a good scalp massage.

⦁ Start by applying the product of your choice to your scalp.

⦁ Once the product has been applied you want to make sure it gets all over the scalp providing optimal circulation and relaxation. Be sure to hit the neck and jawline, the back of the neck and the base of the skull.

⦁ Slide fingers from the back of the neck to the base of the skull. Pull fingers in and hold for 8-10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

⦁ Use your hands to create circles at the bottom of the skull moving to the center of the scalp, up onto the forehead and to all edges of the hairline.

⦁ Pull hair gently all over the scalp. Then knuckle massage the entire scalp.

⦁ Start at the base of the scalp applying medium to light pressure all the way up to the center of the scalp making sure not to miss a spot.


Scalp Massage to stimulate hair growth

So, if you’re hair is looking a bit dull, or if you desperately need to relax, or both, why not stop into your salon for a rejuvenating scalp massage? You’re sure to like the way you look, love the way you feel, and your hair will thank you later!